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We are a manufacturer of Rubber Processing Machinery -- Slab Cutter Machines, Hammermill Machines, Twin Scrolls / Single Scroll Prebreaker Machine, Rotary Cutter Machines, Creper Machines, Rubber Shredder Machines, Automatic Rubber Baling Press Machines, Trolley Dryers.


Natural Rubber Processing Machinery

As the rubber industry moves forward, your rubber processing machinery needs to move with it. Li Hoe provides competitive rubber processing machinery for you to fully optimize rubber processing – from rubber mixing to rubber extrusion and beyond. Our rubber processing machinery can fit into any installation and facility, providing you reliably and maximize employee safety. Our natural rubber processing machinery include slab cutter machine, hammermill machine, twin scrolls / single scroll prebreaker machine, creper machine, rubber shredder machine, trolley Dryer and 100 tons twin moving chamber automatic rubber baling press machine.

Ancillary Machinery & Equipment

Li-Hoe is an ancillary machinery & equipment manufacturer for the plastics, print, medical, food and packaging industries in Malaysia. With our years of experiences, we are able to offer a vast and specialized range of both ancillary and machinery equipment to many different industries. We supply one of the vastest and unique ranges of belt conveyors, Filling Station c/w Screen, PVC Bagging Conveyor, bucket elevator, stainless steel pump and low level vibrating screen.

Other Machinery & Equipment

Li Hoe manufactures other types of natural rubber processing machinery and equipment including mobile coagulum crusher machine, single scroll dry process prebreaker machine, and stainless steel odour scrubber system. Our coagulum crusher machine is designed crusher for efficient first stage pre-cleaning and size reduction of bulky coagulated field latex.